beaded hair extensions hhe
beaded hair extensions hhe
beaded hair extensions hhe

What are Beaded Hair Extensions?

Beaded hair extensions are installed using a loop tool. Small sections of extension strands are paired with natural hair and secured with a micro silicone bead. These tiny, color-matched beads lay flat against the head, allowing the hair to maintain 360-degree movement. This method ensures versatility, enabling clients to wear their hair up or down with a natural look and feel.

How Can I Maintain My Beaded Hair Extensions?

Maintaining hair extensions is easy once you get used to it. You can wash, blow-dry, curl, straighten, and style your extensions like natural hair. We provide a maintenance care sheet and demonstrate proper brushing techniques. Key rules include:

  • Keeping hair in a ponytail at night.
  • Avoiding wet hair at bedtime
  • Avoiding products with sulfates.

Do not bleach your hair extensions; schedule regular touch-ups with your stylist for optimal duration.

Are Beaded Hair Extensions the Right Choice for Me?

There are so many different styles of hair extensions. At Hollywood Hair and Extensions, we specialize in extensions. During your consultation, we will pair you with the type and style that is right for you.

Beaded extensions are a great option if you have fine hair and want to add thickness and volume to your natural hair. They do not damage natural hair and are safe for using heat products and styling tools.

Consultation and Installation Appointment

Please keep in mind that consultations are vital for achieving natural-looking hair extensions. Before applying your hair extensions, we must schedule a consultation if you have any questions or need clarification. During the consultation, we will:

  • Discuss any questions or concerns you may have.
  • Match your hair color and texture and select the best technique for your needs, such as length, volume, or color.
  • Determine the number of strands required.

I need to see your hair before giving you a price quote or determining how many extensions you’ll need. It isn’t easy to accurately assess your hair’s thickness, texture, and color through a picture. In-person consultations are essential to achieving the most natural-looking result.

During the consultation, I will also determine the correct tone, texture, and quantity of strands required. After that, we can proceed to schedule your installation appointment. Please note that I do not keep hair in stock, so I order it upon request.

Consultations are $75, which goes towards your total service price.